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Local Attractions

Surrounding scenic destinations:

1. Q square

Q square is located near the Taipei Bus Station next to the Taipei Main Station. Blessed with the superior geographical advantage of “Five Railways” (Taiwan Railways, THSR, MRT, Airport MRT and Freeway Schedule Bus Service”, Q square is a multifunctional shopping compound combining fashion, convenience and recreation. Together, Vieshow Cinemas, BEING Sport and Q square have created a new icon of leisure and recreation in the West District, forming a brand new living circle around the Taipei Main Station!

2. MOCA Taipei

Taipei’s Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei is located on Changan W. Rd., Taipei City. Retrofitted from a historic monument, the MOCA Taipei has become the first art promotion oriented museum in Taiwan under much expectation from the domestic art circle.

3. Ningxia Night Market

Ningxia Night Market is located between Minsheng W. Rd. and Nanjing W. Rd., spanning a length of approximately 400 meters. It features numerous traditional Taiwanese delicacies that are iconic of Dadaocheng’s old fashioned flavors. Compared with other night markets offering exotic fusion cuisines, games, entertainment and department store garments, Ningxia Night Market offers more Taiwanese delicacy characteristics, making it an essential destination for old Taipei residents searching for nostalgic flavors.

4. Ximending Shopping Area

Ximending refers the region starting from Zhonghua Rd. in the east to Kangding Rd. in the west, Sec. 3, Chengdou Rd. in the south and Hankou St. in the north. The area features modern youths’ favorite pastime such as cinema, fashion, accessories, boutiques, imported goods, tattoo, exotic cuisines and celebrity autograph sessions, in turn transforming Ximenting into the hippest trendy paradise for young people.

5. Dihua Street Marketplace

Shops on Dihua Street are mainly the distribution center of grocery, Chinese medicine and fabrics. It is still the largest wholesale and retail market for the aforesaid three major industries, making it the most well preserved and historically significant old street in Taipei City. Dihua Street is not only the earliest marketplace in Dadaocheng, it has always been the hub of the Dadaocheng shopping district since the end of the Qing Dynasty, while its former glory and bustling commercial activities have remained very much intact. Walking along Dihua Street is like taking a trip down memory lane, where majority of the stores have preserved their Baroque-style architecture from the Taisho Period.

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