Situated next to the Taipei Train Station.

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Affiliated Companies

Taipei Garden Hotel
The Taipei Garden Hotel is the only Five-star hotel in the West District. The hotel is equipped with 241 well-appointed, comfortable guestrooms and various amenities such as fusion restaurants offering Chinese/Western cuisines, 7 meter lofted and column-less multifunctional banquet hall, independent, sophisticated and customizable conference room, business center and gym.

Cosmos Hotel TICC Hsin-Yi Branch

The Cosmos Hotel TICC is situated in the Taipei Main Station Shopping District. Over the past three decades, it has demonstrated outstanding performances with staggering occupancy rates and extraordinary food and beverage quality. On February 1, 2012, the Cosmos Hotel officially entered TICC to provide catering related services. By establishing a foothold in Xinyi District, Taipei City, the Cosmos has actively demonstrated its ambition and aspiration in the catering industry.

Cosmos Hotel

Cosmos Hotel Taipei is located next to Exit M3 of the Taipei Station MRT stop, Taipei’s main transportation hub. In addition to its prime location, the hotel boasts a total of 226 comfortable rooms and a selection of fine restaurants. Jade restaurant is well-known for its Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine, as well as Hong Kong-style dim sum. At Lily Restaurant, customers can enjoy European-style dining and afternoon tea; and Burger Lab offers a creative fusion approach to constructing the perfect burger!

Taoyuan Golf & Country Club, Yaward Hotel

Taoyuan Golf & Country Club is a three-section, 27-hole golf course. The first hole in the East District is 760 yards with par 6; it is the longest fairway in Asia. The Yaward Hotel is located inside the golf course; it has 61 exquisite guestrooms combined with comprehensive recreational facilities such as a golfing range, outdoor swimming pool and gym, where guests can be immersed in Mother Nature’s fresh air and phytoncidere to enjoy a relaxing, joyous vacation.

Ruisui Spring Tourist HotelOPENING 2017. ¦C¦L
Sun Dialogue by Cosmos Creation

Cosmos Creation is the newest branding venture from Cosmos Hotels and Resorts; and in the spring of 2016, it launched Sun Dialogue by Cosmos Creation – a professionally managed hotel that is enriched with local cultural and artisanal craftsmanship. Located on Da-Ya Road in Chiayi City, its bright white geometric design of the exterior expresses fluidity in style with an art museum-like elegance, while the guest rooms are injected with pops of bright colors to inspire a lively energy. Through creative and imaginative design and artwork, A-Li Mountain’s iconic beauty is able to permeate every corner of the hotel’s public space and guest rooms – its breathtaking sunrise, mesmerizing mountain mist, and majestic Cypress Pines – and further invokes a sense of pleasant amenity from guests and travelers. Furthermore, the Sun Dialogue Hotel aims to target the family market with is abundant display art and design that will draw out the inner child in everyone.

Icasa Hotel by Cosmos Creation

Cosmos Hotel Group’s latest corporate brand, Cosmos Creation, aims to create unique, professionally managed hotels that incorporates local arts and culture. In summer of 2016, Sun Dialogue by Cosmos Creation was the first hotel launched under the brand name. Now in the last quarter of the 2016, Icasa Hotel by Cosmos Creation will be revealed to the world in Taichung’s busiest Feng-Jia commercial district. Dressed in the neutral tones of white, gray and timber in a minimalist urban style, and furnished with abundant art pieces and potted plants, Icasa Hotel is a home for the senses in the middle of a bustling city.